Best Selling Xiaomi Mi Antibacterial Smart Air Purifier

Be noticed, this reviewed item is replacement cartridge filter for the Original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier. To begin, it is quite fundamental that our family, close ones and ourselves breath fresh and clean air at all times throughout the day. In order to keep the air that way inside our home, we are all in need of a an air filter. In this review we have looked at best selling the Original Xiaomi Mi Antibacterial Smart Air Purifier Filter.

First of all, this air purifier is quite small and compact. It is 24.00 x 24.00 x 30.00 cm is size and 1.250 kg in weight. One can fit it in any corner of their house and easily move it around. It is offered in a purple color, but the unique and stylish design makes it easy to match any interior design. This air purifier has a unique four layer filter that starts of with an activated carbon filter, followed by high efficiency filter material, antibacterial coating, and a primary filter net. All of this helps absorb formaldehyde, PM2.5, and other pollutants that are in our air. The antibacterial coating on this air purifier helps intercept and destroy airborne bacteria, as well as mold.

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Xiaomi Antibacterial Air Purifier Filter

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Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier

The high efficiency filter material blocks bacteria and different mites and aid in preventing them from growing and multiplying. It also helps in capturing different particles such as sawdust, floccule, and hair that is often in our air. The antibacterial rate of this air purifier is 99%. In addition to all that, this air purifier covers and cleans about 33 square meters of space.

Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial

However, it is recommended that the filters in the purifier are changed every 3 to 6 months. The good part is, that this air purifier can be connected to the Xiaomi APP. With this app, one will receive notifications on when it is time to change the filter.

To say the least, this Original Xiaomi air purifier is a great item for any living, learning or working environment. It will provide with clean air for everyone to breath, and as we all know, clean air is vital for our health. So if you or your close ones are spending plenty of time indoors, you might want to give this item a try!

Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter


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