Best Selling Smart Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us would not mind having a helper in the house to keep in clean. Having a busy work day can often leave you too tired to do any other chores around the house. However, we have looked at and reviewed one of the best selling Smart Home cleaning gadgets, the Xshuai Smart Sweeping Robot Vacuum Mopping Cleaner.

First of all, this robot vacuum and mopping cleaner is elegant and delicate, made out of high quality ABS material with an exquisite appearance. It is 32 x 32 x 8.50 cm in size and has a weight of 3.200 KG. The height is only 8 cm, which allow it easily to get under any bed. It has intelligent planning to not leave out any corner uncleaned. It can cover any large or small area in a home.

The Smart Robot Vacuum cleaner has four different cleaning forms such as: automatic cleaning pattern, border cleaning pattern, the key cleaning pattern, and a bow cleaning pattern. The “V” floating rollers pick up all dust from the floors. As well as that, it has a suction box for the dust and dirt, polishes the floors and deep cleans them. In addition, the robot cleaner has a 260 ML water tank to clean up any spills, and stains on the floor.

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Smart Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The anti-collision and anti- fall technology, makes the cleaner turn around to not fall from steps and to not run into any obstacles. The 2600 mAh built in rechargeable battery provides one with up to 90 minutes of continuous cleaning. Once the battery starts to die, the robot cleaner automatically looks for the charging base, goes into standby mode and recharges until it is fully charged. However, one can also control it with the remote control that is included in the package.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Overall, this Haier XSHUAI smart sweeping robot vacuum and mopping cleaner is an outstanding item on the market. It is durable, has a great appearance and fantastic specifications. It will be of great help around the house, for those who live a busy lifestyle or just want more free time. It has good reviews from other users as well!

Haier HXSG1 Smart Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Remote Control Anti-drop 4 Clean Mode

Smart Sweeping Robot Vacuum mopping Cleaner

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