Review of The Most Significant Specs and Features on iOS 11

During the latest big presentation, Apple announced that the new iOS 11 would be released on September 19. Everything happened according to the schedule – Apple launched the new version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad. The update is currently available for downloading.  iOS 11 includes a series of small but important novelties. Here’s a quick review of the most significant specs and features on iOS 11.

  • All content in Messages is synchronized via iCloud, so it will be the same on all iOS devices;
  • Money in Apple Pay can be sent to other users in iMessage;
  • Siri received automatic native translation functions, more languages and two voices: male and female;
  • Improved Control Center with gather frequently used apps and programs on one page;
  • New features in Photos, Boomerang, improved portrait mode;
  • More detailed maps;
  • “Don’t Disturb” mode for drivers;
  • More possibilities for creating AR apps for developers;

Important note – some apps may not launch after the update to iOS 11. Make sure to check the list of apps compatible with iOS 11.

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