In-Ear Earphones with Strong Bass Headphones with Microphone

The world of headphones is very versatile – there are wired and wireless, over-ear and in-ear, big and small, cheap and expensive, etc. Nonetheless, the classic option seems to be a pair of wireless in-ear headphones because they are comfortable for most activities: sports, travelling, working, and so on. There is, however, a problem with such headphones – they aren’t the most reliable. If you have kids, you probably know that their headphones don’t last for a long time. But sometimes it’s not even the kids’ fault as the cables in these headphones are thin and easily tangled. That’s why some kind of protection would be extremely helpful here.

Of course, it can be difficult to find such a device on the market, especially for an affordable price. Thankfully, we’ve done the job for you. There is an excellent pair of In-Ear Earphones with Strong Bass for all users out there – Ailihen M10 Headphones with Microphone. Here’s the review.

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Headphones with Microphone
AILIHEN M10 Metal In-Ear Earbuds

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At first sight, you may think that these headphones don’t look like much and their price doesn’t prove otherwise. But the first impression is wrong here – the M10 come with a great value for money. There are several things that we like about these headphones, so let’s get started.


the M10 have a particularly elegant, high-quality CNC engraving design with metal elements made from aluminium alloy. That’s why the housing looks so shiny and eye-catching. Aluminium has other advantage – it’s resistant to fingerprints and light as a feather. And obviously, metal always adds durability to any device and these headphones are no exception.


speaking of durability, metal isn’t the only thing that protects the headphones from clumsy users. The cable is copper wrapped around fiber which improves its strength and prolongs service life. On top of that, there are layers of nylon and TPE for extra resilience and softness. Of course, they still get tangles easily but at least they will last a bit longer.

Comfortable fit

the in-ear design is always very friendly to your ears, so the M10 already have an advantage here. Users get 3 silicone eartip sizes at their disposal, all of them fit snugly in your ears ensuring perfect noise reduction isolating you from the outer world and its distracting noises.

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Sound performance

amazingly, despite the low price, the M10 have impressive audio. 10mm neodymium drivers sound exceptionally good reproducing clear highs and mids. The bass is a slight disadvantage here but considering their price, headphones tackle heavy EDM and rock songs quite well. Overall, the sound performance is one of the best characteristics of these headphones.

Microphone and remote control

using the built-in mic, you can easily have phone conversations with your loved ones. The mic isolates your voice from background noises and keeps conversations clear. To turn on the mic, you need to press a multi-purpose button on the remote. This is actually the only button on these headphones – it can turn the music on/off, skip tracks, go back to the previous track and turn on the mic. At least you won’t mistake if for any other button.


fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack, the M10 are compatible with a wide variety of devices including most smartphones, tablets, laptops, music players, and so on.

All in all, Ailihen M10 in-ear headphones are a perfect choice for any user and activity. If you’re short on money but still want to have a comfortable, functional pair of headphones, these ones are definitely for you. With the M10, you’ll completely immerse in the world of music and the headphones will serve you well for a long time.

Ailihen M10 headphones are available for purchase on Amazon. All customers can rely on the 12-month warranty and worry-free, user-friendly customer service provided by Ailihen.

Get discount using Coupon Code: ME10AMZP

Headphones with Microphone Promo Discount Code

Headphones with Microphone
AILIHEN M10 Metal In-Ear Earbuds

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View and Buy it Now on AMAZON

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