iPhone X Display Comparison with Android Smartphones

This week, we witness probably the biggest tech event of the year when Apple presented its new devices. Among them was the long-anticipated iPhone X with FaceID, a dual camera, Animoji and other cool features. Here’s a brief review of the iPhone X Display Comparison with Android Smartphones. The one that we didn’t mention was a display – a Retina 5.8-inch screen that takes almost the whole front side. This trend seems to a demonstration of innovation recently but is iPhone X really the best here?

Interestingly, iPhone takes only the 5th spot if we look at the list of smartphones with the highest screen size to front panel ratio. According to journalists from GSMArena, the leader in this area is Samsung Galaxy S8. Its Infinity Display occupies 84.26% of the smartphone’s front. Other devices in the top 5 are pretty known as well: LG V30 (83.2%), Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (83%) and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (82.6%). In fact, the latter could become the leader if it kept the screen size of the first Mi Mix (5.99 inches against 6.4).

As for iPhone X, its display spread over 81.5% of the smartphone’s front panel. The main reason for its 5th place is the strip on the top of the screen where the front camera, all sensors and FaceID are located.

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