Warning – Bluetooth Devices Can Be Hacked

Data security specialists from the company Armis made an interesting report – they detected eight vulnerabilities in the biggest mobile wireless network – Bluetooth. The problem is even more important because it allows hackers to gain full control over the attacked device running iOS, Android, Windows and other OS. The vulnerabilities from the set, called BlueBorne, potentially affect over 8 billion devices.

Three of the eight BlueBorne vulnerabilities are considered to be critical and allow attackers to gain complete control over the device, execute malicious code or perform a “Man-in-the-Middle” attack. Specialists note that BlueBorne presents a bigger threat because it affects the implementation of the protocol bypassing various authentication mechanisms and consequently taking over the device.

A short description of the vulnerabilities and possible consequences of its use by hackers is provided in the video published on YouTube channel Armis. As the company emphasizes, for a successful attack, it’s enough for a hacker to have Bluetooth turned on a device that will start distributing malware after the infection.

Armis experts have already informed Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Linux about the found vulnerabilities. In the near future companies should release patches that will close these security “holes”. However, these patches won’t be available for outdated devices that are no longer supported by the company. Armis estimates that the number of such devices is over two billion worldwide.

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