SafeShoot – Unique Gadget for Safety Hunting

In prehistoric times, people were involved in two main activities: hunting and gathering. Interestingly, after all this time, even modern people still have this primal instinct to go and find food. Of course, today hunting is much more different – it became more of a leisure activity. There are all kinds of restrictions and regulations but they don’t stop people from hunting. The statistics speak for themselves – only in the United States 12.5 million people (not counting illegal cases) over the age of 16 hunt annually – that is 7% of the country’s whole population. What’s more, around 1 million people in the U.S. have jobs in the hunting industry. As we can see, hunting didn’t lose its attraction.

Gadget for Safety Hunting


Still, hunting does have a bit of a bad reputation because it’s associated with killing even when it’s legalised. And we’re not just talking about animals – hunting can be extremely dangerous to hunters themselves. According to the data from the International Hunter Education Association, only in the U.S. and Canada around a thousand people are killed every year in hunting-related accidents. The majority of victims are hunters which couldn’t be detected in the wilderness. Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to hunting and a lot has to be done to minimize the risks.

The mission to make hunting safer became the main focus of the company SafeShoot. A group of entrepreneurs devoted themselves to finding a solution to this problem. Their efforts weren’t fruitless – by putting together their skills and expertise, they came up with a unique gadget that will put a stop to friendly-fire incidents.

SafeShoot Functional Gadget for Safety Hunting

The gadget bears the same name as the company – SafeShoot. This compact device will make sure that no accidents occur during your hunting trips. The SafeShoot is attached to any kind of weapon (shotgun, rifle, bow, etc.) and makes it impossible to hurt a member of your hunting party. The technology and operation of the SafeShoot system is based on 3 key components:

  • MEMS sensors – a whole bunch of these sensors cam unmistakably measure barrel direction of different firearms. That way, the system knows at which direction a weapon is pointing;
  • GPS – the system determines the location of a particular SafeShoot-equipped firearm based on the information from satellites;
  • Radio frequency (RF) communication – RF creates a network where all devices in the group can communicate and share information.

The entire three-part system is called sensor fusion. If you’re planning a hunting trip with a group of people, every hunter must attach a SafeShoot device on their firearm. Other members of the group who don’t have weapons, such as guides, trackers or dogs, must have the SafeShoot defender unit to be protected as well. Out in the wilderness, all devices connect with each other creating a dynamic wireless “web” for exchanging data.

Functional Gadget for Safety Hunting

Once everybody is prepared, the network goes into action. If there is a threat that a certain firearm is pointed in the wrong direction, the SafeShoot will automatically alert the user that there is another SafeShoot device in its range. That way, any accidental shots and tragic incidents will be immediately prevented. An array of sensors in the device comply with highest safety standards, so you be sure of their accuracy. Besides, the SafeShoot can work in any weather conditions, any time of the day and any environment. You can hunt at night in the rain and still stay completely safe from accidents.

Another part of the SafeShoot mission is using this device in other areas. For example, the technology could be theoretically adapted for law enforcement forces or the military. As we know, military forces play a big role in preventing any attacks. Unfortunately, a simple miss on a battlefield can be fatal and even friendly fire can lead to tragedies. In order to avoid that, SafeShoot provides a precise plan of the operating forces in real time and enables cooperation between the forces. In the end, one SafeShoot can save a few lives.

SafeShoot Gadget for Safety Hunting

For all these reasons, the SafeShoot safety hunting device is a revolution on the market. The gadget lowers the threat of hurting your fellow hunter considerably making hunting a worriless activity. No matter who it is – your friend, a guide, a tracker or a dog – everyone is safe with the SafeShoot.

To find out more information about the gadget, visit the official website of SafeShoot. There, you can find a lot of interesting details or contact the company if you have any questions.

SafeShoot – Gadget for Safety Hunting


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