Noise Isolating Surround Gaming Stereo Headphone

Today, gaming has become more than just entertainment. Now, it’s a multi-million industry where many companies are involved. Every year, there are huge gaming tournaments with unbelievable prize funds. What’s more, cybersports officials are even talking about inclusion into the Olympic program, so that the best gamers in the world could compete during the most prestigious sports event in history.

As a result, the companies making gaming devices are thriving. Such brands, as Razer or Logitech, are focused mainly on gaming products and everything is going well for them. But there are other companies who would also like a piece of this market. One of the best examples is DotStone. This company made its first gaming device – Noise Isolating Surround Gaming Stereo Headphones. Here’s our review.

Gaming Stereo Headphone

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Just by the look of it, you can safely say that this product is more than a simple pair of headphones. An interesting construction and glaring LEDs on the earcups already create a wonderful first impression. Actually, the first impression doesn’t deceive you – DotStone made a perfect assistant for all users who want to completely immerse into the gaming environment. Beneath the rugged exterior, the headphones hide impressive functionality. First and foremost, inside each earcup, there is a large 50mm speaker driver. Both of them produce 7.1 Surround Stereo sound creating incredible all-around effect for gamers with low bass, rich mids and powerful highs. The audio is also extremely detailed – you’ll hear the slightest sounds in the noisiest environments. Apart from that, 2 vibration modes will even more fun to your gaming nights making the experience seem more realistic and almost lifelike.

Noise Isolating Gaming Stereo Headphone

The ideal gaming sound performance is accompanied with other features. The biggest one here is an excellent noise reduction system. Over-ear earcups eliminate any noise and let you concentrate fully on the game. Plus, the headphones have a functional microphone with great noise isolation too. The mic is flexible, so it can be turned in any direction. Also, it easily picks up your voice from a distance and projects it very clearly. If necessary, the mic can be turned with a button located on the cable. There, you can also find a buttons for regulating volume and vibrations.

Moreover, because most gamers spend hours in front of their computers, all devices and accessories have to be reliable and comfortable. Thankfully, the DotStone gaming headset combines both of these qualities. The outer band is made of stainless steel, so it doesn’t deform after stretching and twisting. In fact, the band can withstand even the hardest 360-degree twists without breaking. At the same time, the headphones are light and very nice to wear. Leather earmuffs cover your ears comfortably and let them breathe. No matter how long you play – the headphones will never bother or hurt you.

Surround Gaming Stereo Headphone

Finally, the DotStone gaming headphones have a wide compatibility range including PCs, iMacs and laptops. The headset’s operation is described with just three words – plug and play. You connect the headphones to a USB-port (yes, this is a USB headset) and use them with no drivers needed. As for operating systems, the DotStone headset works with all versions of Windows (starting from XP) and macOS. The only exception – it isn’t compatible with gaming consoles, such as Sony PlayStation or Xbox.

Nonetheless, the DotStone gaming headphones are simply born for playing gamers. Whether you’re a fan of CS: GO, World of Warcraft, Dota2 or other games, this device will be your loyal companion during all endeavours and challenges. A fashionable design, unique sound performance and comfort for the user – this is why the DotStone gaming headphones are so good.

The DotStone gaming headset is available for purchase on Amazon. At all times, you can rely on the 18-month warranty and friendly customer service from DotStone.

Noise Isolating Surround Gaming Stereo Headphone

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