Best Mini Computer 8-inch Mini PC

When the first computers were invented, they were huge and took an entire room or more. In time, engineers and scientists managed to make them much more compact, faster and more functional. In fact, now we have mini computers – tiny devices with almost the same power that you get in some laptops or PCs. Earlier, we reviewed one of the best devices called Higole Gole1. Now, it’s time for its older brother – Mini Computer Higole Gole1 Plus 8-Inch Mini PC.

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Best Mini Computer 8-inch Mini PC

Intel Atom X5 – Z8350, Bluetooth 4.0, Win 10

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In general, the device is identical to the previous version, it’s still a compact computer with plenty of things that you get on smartphones, laptops and PCs. However, it doesn’t have the word “Plus” in the name for nothing – this particular mini computer is more advanced in almost all categories. First and foremost, it’s bigger than the Gole1, so you probably won’t fit it in the pocket. At the same time, it’s small enough to be carried in a bag or a backpack.

Best Mini Computer 8-inch

The display is bigger as well – 8-inch diagonal and HD resolution. Also, the Gole1 Plus is quicker in terms of performance thanks to the Intel Atom X5-Z8350 processor, Intel Gen 8-LP GPU, 2GB/4GB RAM and plenty of ROM. Actually, the company offers three choices of RAM + ROM combinations: 2GB + 32GB, 4GB + 64GB or 4GB +128GB. That’s why you can be sure that the device will run smoothly and there will be space for all your files. By the way, unlike the Gole1, the Plus model comes with only one OS – Windows 10.

8-inch Mini PC

The biggest advantage of the Gole1 Plus is its battery. It’s more than twice bigger than in the Gole1 – 6 000mAh. As a result, you get practically the same battery time as in a smartphone – around 8-10 hours. As for connectivity, it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and has multiple ports on the sides: three USB ports, HDMI, microSD slot, headphone jack, etc.

Lastly, users might appreciate the stand function – you can set the computer at a comfortable angle and watch a movie or type in text with a wireless keyboard.

Available to buy online with Direct Discount
Best Mini Computer

Intel Atom X5 – Z8350, Bluetooth 4.0, Win 10

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