Huawei Honor Magnetic Absorption Sport Wireless Headset

We live in a world of technology and in a world of music! In order to enjoy our favorite tunes, audio books, and even hands free talking, we deserve the highest quality earphones. With the wide variety on the market, it can be a pain in the head to compare, review and find the best ones of us. However, we have looked at the Huawei Honor Xsport AM61 earphones Magnetic Absorption Sport Wireless Headset, and we think you might come to enjoy them!

To start of with, these earphones are offered in a black, blue or red color options. Choosing one of your liking will not be a problem! Another wonderful feature, is that they are absolutely wireless. This provides with the freedom of movement and they will not tangle up. The ear piece has a shark fin design to fit the ear comfortably. This design together with the technology of imitation of a human ear provides a stable fit without falling out. The earphones also have a 11 mm size dynamic unit for a dynamic bass. Build in sound reduction technology with provide with a loud, sharp and clear sound wherever you are. The high technology also reduces the stethoscope effect with the reduction of passive noises.

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Huawei Honor Magnetic Absorption Sport Wireless Headset

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Huawei Honor headphone Magnetic Absorption Sport Wireless Headset

In addition to all this, the earphones have a magnetic absorption. This will allow one to safely store them on the front of the neck. They are also waterproof, so one can forget about worrying that they will drop them in water or get stuck in the rain! Bluetooth V4.1 compatibility allows one to connect them to most mobile devices up to 10 meters away. The three wire controller provides with convenient switching of audio and adjustment of volume. The earphone can easily be charged via a USB charging cable provided in the package. Once fully charged, they will be provided with up to 10 hours of talk or play time, and 240 hours in standby mode.

Overall, the Huawei honor Xsport AM61 earphones are a great item for those who enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone will living an active lifestyle. They are fashionable, durable, and made out of the highest quality and technology for amazing sound! Best of all, they are offered for a reasonable price on the market.

Huawei Honor xSport AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Magnetic Absorption 137mAh IPX5 Waterproof Headphone

Huawei Honor Sport Wireless Headset

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1 Comment on Huawei Honor Magnetic Absorption Sport Wireless Headset

  1. Megan Davis // 06.09.2017 at 22:36 // Reply

    I got this and I was blown away by the quality. Great product by Huawei.


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