Best selling Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

We all live a busy lifestyle and often do not have enough time to keep our homes and offices clean. Especially, cleaning windows, tile, marble and walls can be a hassle. We have reviewed the best selling Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner that will become a time saver and a big helper in our daily chores.

To begin with, this window clear is a smart robot, and it has many features that will allow your hands to be free. It has two cleaning modes, a Z shaped and an N shaped route. In addition, one can use the remote control from 15 meters away to decide which direction they want it to go.

The speed of this robot, is also another wonderful feature. In 2.4 minutes it can clean up to one square meter of space. The anti-drop design combined with the vacuum motor, provide with security and steady, powerful suction. The design has a built in anti-slip belt, which allows it to clean even tall glass buildings.

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Cop Rose Window Cleaner Smart Robot Window Cleaner

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Another wonderful feature is the laser sensor. It can decide which area needs a little extra cleaning. The fiber cloth on this robot cleaner will provide a smooth and clean surface without unneeded water stains and so on. However, the minimum cleaning area of this robot is 40 X 40 cm. The window interval is 11 cm. The cleaner itself is powered by a built in Li-ion battery. Best of all, this robot cleaner is quite lightweight being just a little over 1 KG. It also comes with a safety rope and an extension cord if tall surfaces need to be cleaned and that can carry a load of up to 150 KG. The input voltage of this robot cleaner is 100-240 V, which means it can be used in just about any country.

Smart Robot Window Cleaner

To say the least, we would recommend this Cop Rose window cleaner. It is highly efficient and will be of great help. One can relax and enjoy their free time while their windows, tiles, marble or walls are being cleaned. The high-quality material and well thought trough design will provide with a long-lasting life of this robot!

Cop Rose Window Cleaner Smart Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robotic Machine

Cop Rose Window Cleaner Smart Robot

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