The World’s First Personalized Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Swiss Audio

HiFi Wireless Earbuds

The World’s First Personalized Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds

“There is an enormous variation how people experience sound.
We all register sound ranges and loudness uniquely.”

In this review, we are proud to introduce the first premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds tailored to your exact hearing profile offering you the ultimate musical experience everywhere. Enjoy a superior music experience designed just for you.

Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Premium HiFi Sound

Swiss Audio’s HiFi Premium sound quality has a unique signature with powerful basses and crystalline highs.

We successfully reached a perfect frequency response by using the best-in-class balanced armature speaker together with high-performance electronics.
We’ve been working with music industry professionals like Tony Momrelle and Tony Remy on our prototypes, which helped us create a superior sound experience.

Audiology Test

Everyone’s ears are unique. With the help of audiology experts, we have created an Audiology Test as part of our companion app. The Audiology Test takes a few minutes, and you can create your unique hearing sound profile based on the results. It is the ultimate personalization of your Swiss Audio Wireless Hifi Earbuds. Our Swiss Audio algorithm will compensate any hearing loss in selected frequencies. You’ll be able to listen to your favourite songs like never before.

First Personalized Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds review

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The Equalizer

Be the maestro of your sound using our fully customizable 7 band equalizer and create your unique sound signature.

Personalized Music Profiles

 Improve your experience by adding your personal hearing profile and rediscover your favorite songs like never before.

Say goodbye to prescribed sound settings built into your headphones and create your own superior sound experience.

Ergonomic Fit

There are many ear shapes and sizes. The challenge we faced on the ergonomic side was to find the design that would best fit every Swiss Audio customer. We used our knowledge of the ear physiology, hundreds of molded ears prototypes, and the professional experience of our professional audiologist experts to bring men and women the most comfortable product to wear every day.

Best Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Unparalleled Emotion

Feel the emotion the way the artists intended with the most advanced audio technology. Uncover the most beautiful masterpieces of music and experience all their details like never before.

About Swiss Audio

Swiss Audio SA is a Swiss company established in Geneva since 2016 – specializing in the development and commercialization of premium audio accessories. Our purpose is to provide consumers with innovative, simple, yet powerful solutions to enhance user experience.

“We do things differently here at Swiss Audio, by design.”

We are all audiophiles here. Every member of our team participates in the product cycle from conception to fulfillment. We develop the kind of product we would love to have ourselves. Being at the cutting edge of technology, we constantly reinvent ourselves and the way we live with music.

Swiss Audio HiFi Wireless Earbuds are developed, assembled and controlled in Switzerland.

For additional information, please contact Mr Michel Lobato:

Unfortunately, Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator.
For more information visit  Swiss Audio on Kickstarter.

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