Smart Home Broadlink Wireless Light Controller

Wouldn’t it be great if we can control the lighting in our homes without having to constantly get up and turn them on or off? Well, we have reviewed best selling smart home gadget, that helps to control the light in your house or office. This Smart Home Broadlink TC2 smart wireless light controller is just the greatest item for you.

To begin with, it is about 153 grams in weight. As well as that, it is offered in two different sizes: 86 X 86 X 36 mm and 118 X 75 X 36 mm. Installing this light controller is easy with the detailed instructions that come along. In addition to that, it has an option of four different outlets: US 110V, US 220V, EU, and UK outlets. This way, it can work perfectly in just about any country.

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Wireless Light Controller

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When downloading the E-control app, many other outstanding features open up. For example, one can turn on the timer and wake up to the lights turning on in the morning. The timer also is great for anti-theft protection. When leaving the house, one can set the timer to turn on the lights at a certain time and give off the impression that someone is home. The remote control option provides with the opportunity to enter a lit house when coming home at night. It works perfectly from up to 15 meters away. One can forget about the darkness! By connecting to other Broadlink devices, even more control of other appliances will be available. Best of all, this light controller has a very sleek design and a touch control panel. This makes the sensor very universal to fit with any interior design of any home or business.

To say the least, this Broadlink TC2 smart wireless light controller is a convenient item for all homes and businesses. It will allow to turn on light at any time and place, and will keep you safe and protected. Best of all, it is made out of durable, long lasting and sleek material to last a long time and look great. The reasonable price that it is offered for makes it completely worth it!

Smart Home Broadlink TC2
Wireless Light Controller

Smart Home Broadlink

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