Gadget that Can Peel Eggs – Kitchen Smart Gadget

A kitchen is a place where we spend plenty of time while cooking. That’s why there are many gadgets that can simplify the process. One of interesting Kitchen Smart Gadgets has been recently launched on Indiegogo and it solves one problem – eggs that aren’t peeled easily. And here is a brief review.

The gadget is called EggMatix and it’s an invention of two enthusiasts from the USA. The gadget is a box in the size of a toaster. Under the lid there is a system of four rollers where you lay the eggs. By pressing the button, the rollers begin to rotate quickly and the shell instantly peels off.

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The developers note that their device is very simple to use. It is enough to connect it to the power outlet and press the button. All wastes fall down and are easy to get. The gadget would be especially useful in restaurants and cafes where eggs are used very often. Plus, hard-boiled eggs are a common product for many dishes, so the gadget would help you at home as well.

EggMatrix is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $79. First deliveries will start in August 2018.

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