Smart Home WIFI Control LED Light Xiaomi Smart Light Bulb

Often we try to find the perfect lightbulb with the perfect color tone for us. It can be a hassle to find one that is just the way we like it. We have reviewed one of the best lamps for Smart Home WIFI Control LED Light Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Bulb that has many wonderful features.

To begin with, this lightbulb has 9W wattage and AC220V voltage that can provide users with 600 Lm brightness. The 180 degree beam angle will supply every needed corner with just the perfect amount of light. The lightbulb is made out of high quality material and various parts, and is made to last for up to 11 years of usage. As well as all that, the lightbulb has 16 million color tones and options! There are options from different tones of white, yellow as well as any other color that you can imagine. All of the colors can be dimmed, depending on the preference of the user.

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WIFI Control LED Light For Smart Home

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Another great feature, is that this lightbulb can be connected to Wifi. After that, one can download the smart control app from the app store. The app is available from both Apple and Android devices. Through the app, one can connect up to 50 bulbs. Then they can control each lightbulb individually or group them. With all of that, they can switch the color of each bulb or even set a timer. With the timer, it will bring flexibility when the lights will turn on, one can even use that option as an alarm in the morning. Best of all, this lightbulb is very easy to install and use without needing special detailed instructions.

Overall, this lightbulb is of great convenience. It will allow to set any color and tone depending on the mood, circumstance and preference. The life of this lightbulb is outstanding, and one can forget about constantly needing to change the lightbulbs. It is easy to control from the app and will make any home smarter. Previous users have left positive reviews and we recommend it a well. The price that it is offered for on the market is quite reasonable especially with all of the wonderful features!

Original Xiaomi Yeelight WIFI Control LED Light
Smart Home Smart Light Bulb

Smart Home Smart Light Bulb

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