Best Selling Smart Watch Phone LEMFO Round Smartwatch

There are many different types of watches offered on the market today. Watches of all sizes, shapes and colors. Some have many features, others are absolutely simple. We have reviewed the best selling Smart Watch Phone Amoled Screen LEMFO LES1 Classic Round Smartwatch that we think you will come to like.

To begin with, this Smart Watch has a unique metal design that provides one with grace and style. The screen of this watch is an arc shape 1.39 inch AMOLED circular display. The HD screen with a 400 X 400 resolution provides with a bright and crisp view. However, the watch itself is 13.00 mm and is sleek to the feel on the wrist. The silicon material strap holds tightly in place without unneeded pressure. Not only is this smart watch fashionable, it also has many wonderful built in features.

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Amoled Screen Round Shape Smartwatch

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For example, it has a 2.0 MP HD camera. This will provide with the opportunity to capture all of life’s brightest moments at any given time. Also this watch can be useful for tracking your health. The built in pedometer will allow one to know the amount of steps taken and the distance walked on a daily bases. Built in heart monitor will allow one to control their heart rate, especially when it is becoming abnormal. Knowing the weather at all times also will not be a problem.

Round Shape Smartwatch

The 16 GB RAM with 16 GB ROM with an Android 5.1 MTK6580 Quad core allows to download different apps from the app store. The Bluetooth connection, ability to connect to the internet, and capability of inserting a sim card allows to make independent phone calls, answer messages and stream social media. When being on the go, it will become of great use with its GPS navigation.

Listening to music will also become more convenient, since it can be downloaded straight to the watch. Best of all, all of these features can be enjoyed in any weather situation since the watch is waterproof! The 350mAh battery will also provide with long lasting usage. To say the least, this LEMFO LES1 smart watch is the perfect option for a multifunctional, stylish and durable item. Reviews from previous users are great and we recommend it as well!

LEMFO LES1 Smart Watch Phone, 2.0PM HD Camera
Amoled Screen Round Shape Smartwatch

Smart Watch Phone review

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