Most Advanced Fitness Tracker Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Watch

The unofficial title of the best fitness tracker doesn’t really belong to any device but there are a lot of challengers. The latest one comes from Samsung – Gear Fit 2 Pro Smartwatch is the most advanced best selling fitness tracker in the world. Here’s a further review.

The gadget is mostly aimed at active people who like sports, but it would serve equally well as a smartwatch to regular people. Gear Fit 2 Pro has a curved 1.5-inch color display, it runs Tizen OS with more than 3000 available apps, and is equipped will all kinds of features for active lifestyle.

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Most Advanced Fitness Tracker

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Sport is the main concern of this tracker. Gear Fit 2 Pro recognizes itself which kind of sport or exercise the user does and gather all necessary data. For that, it’s fitted with such things, as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, accelerometer, barometer, etc. By the way, Gear Fit 2 Pro is perfect for swimming – it has IP68 protection against water and withstands submerging at 50m depths.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – Most Advanced Fitness TrackerObviously, Gear Fit 2 Pro connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and sends all sport information to a mobile app. Apart from that, the tracker will alert the user about incoming phone calls, texts or notifications from apps. It’s also possible to listen to music with wireless headphones – Gear Fit 2 Pro has 4GB of internal storage.

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