Best Xiaomi Smart Home Security Night Vision Camera

Many of us look for a high quality surveillance camera to protect our homes, offices, and other needed indoor spaces. It can be a hassle trying to find the perfect one. In this review, we observed the Night Vision Camera best selling Xiaomi MIjia Dafang Smart Security Camera for Home, that we think you will come to like this intelligent camera.

To begin with, this security camera is extremely light weight and quite compact. Weighing only 0.3800 kilograms and being about 12.75 x 6.60 x 6.00 cm in dimension makes it easy to install in any needed place. To add to all that, this camera has many wonderful features. For example, this surveillance camera has an 1080 pixel high definition video resolution for a clear image. The viewing resolution is an outstanding 1920 × 1080 pixels. Another great part about this device, is that there is high quality night vision. The night vision is just as clear as any high quality black and white photograph.

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Xiaomi Smart Security Camera for Home Night Vision Camera

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As well as that, this camera has a high speed PTZ, and turns to 110 degrees per second. It can turn horizontally 360 degrees and vertically 98 degrees. This provides with a wide angle of observation. The high speed PTZ provides with an automatic tracking. The intelligent assisted detection marks an image with a green box where there is an abnormality. It can detect motion up to 9 meters away. To add to all this, this security camera comes with a built in microphone and speaker. With the option of connecting the camera to WIFI and being able to connect it through the “ Mi home” app, provides with the opportunity to view what is going on anywhere on the go. The microphone and speaker allow to support any two way dialogue. Another useful feature of this item, is that it supports a USB and SD card. This way, information that is taped onto the camera can easily be stored and later viewed. The triple data encryption protects information via verification, data transmission and Xiaomi cloud service.

Overall, this Mijia Dafang home intelligent security camera is a great device for receiving full protection of any home, business, office and so on. Best of all, it is offered for a reasonable price on the market!

Xiaomi MIjia Dafang Smart 120 Degree 1080p HD
Security Camera for Home Night Vision Camera

Xiaomi Home Night Vision Camera

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