Xiaomi Smart Home Humidity and Temperature Control

Often in warm weather conditions, the temperature and humidity inside a building can get out of control. In order to control it, many of us install expensive devices. However, we have reviewed an item for you that has many wonderful features and is offered for a reasonable price on the wide market. This Humidity and Temperature Control Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer Smart Home gadget has many positive reviews and feedbacks from previous users and we can recommend it to you.

To begin with, Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer Smart Home Humidity and Temperature Control is easy to install since it is extremely lightweight and compact in size. The weight of this sensor is 85 grams and it is only 9 x 9 x 3 cm in size. The white color of this device fits in great with any interior design. The sensor works great in any temperature in the range of – 20 to 60 degrees in Celsius. The working humidity of this item is 0 to 100.

As well as that, this sensor has a temperature measuring accuracy of ±0.3 degrees Celsius and a humidity measure accuracy of ±3 percent. If the temperature or humidity is abnormal inside of the room, an automatic alarm goes off. This way, one can be notified if they need to take action in lowering the temperature or humidity.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Gadget

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To add to all that, this Mijia Thermometer smart sensor can easily be connected and tracked on any mobile device. One just needs to download the Xiaomi Smart Home app and connect their sensor. The sensor can be easily connected in just three steps. With that being done, controlling the temperature and humidity will become easier. One can view the data and all of the temperature and humidity records from the past. The app will provide with an average that is measured throughout all of the months. The sensor also comes with an CR2032 battery. However, it will need to be changed, once it stops working.

Overall, we would recommend this mini Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer Smart Home Humidity and Temperature Control. It will provide with accurate information at all times, that can also be easily and conveniently tracked. The reasonable price that it is offered for is just outstanding!

Original Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer
Humidity and Temperature Control
Xiaomi Smart Home Gadget

Xiaomi Humidity Temperature Control gadget

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