Best Selling Ergonomic Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard

As our homes get filled with numerous gadgets and devices, controlling all of them at once doesn’t become easier. For example, you can’t operate a computer while lying on the couch and watching TV. But what if you could? What if there were a device that can operate a computer, a TV and a laptop that stands nearby?
Thankfully, there are plenty of such devices and we’re about to review one of the best selling portable keyboards – Ergonomic Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard I8 Plus Mini Keyboard.

This gadget is basically a combination of a remote control, a mouse, a keyboard and a gaming console. All these features are packed in a stylish, compact body that is quite comfortable to hold and use thanks to anti-skid treatment.

Ergonomic Mini Keyboard

There are 4 main elements in this keyboard. The first is a QWERTY keyboard for typing text. Everything here is pretty ordinary but there are a few additional functions, like multimedia buttons or two buttons (“A” and “S” keys) for switching between Android and Windows operating systems.

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Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard review

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Three other parts of the I8 Plus are located above the keyboard. On the top, there are two orange buttons that serve as mouse buttons (left and right). Along with directional gamepad below the right button, they are extremely useful for gaming. On the left, just below the left mouse button, there are buttons for switching channels on TV or slides on a multimedia presentation. In the middle, there is a touchpad, just like on a laptop. It supports multi-touch, so you can use the touchpad even instead of mouse buttons. By the way, the responsiveness of the mouse, touchpad and keyboard can be adjusted by the user.

Touchpad Wireless Keyboard

As you may have understood, the I8 Plus keyboard is compatible with a wide range of devices: you can control a smart TV, play games on a computer, type text on a laptop or a tablet, and even operate the projector. The operating system doesn’t matter as well – the I8 Plus works with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and even Linux.

Mini Touchpad 2.4GHZ Wireless Keyboard
I8 Plus Mini Keyboard

Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard

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