Best Selling Sports Shoes Xiaomi Smart Sneakers

Recently, we’ve reviewed Xiaomi’s innovative sneakers which are more than just footwear. Apart from being comfortable, those sneakers serve as a fitness tracker transmitting all information to the smartphone app. Now, here’s a brief review of the best selling Sports Shoes Xiaomi Smart Sneakers.

They are called Free Tie Leather Shoes and it’s another addition to the Xiaomi’s smart device eco-system Mijia. On the outside, these shoes look rather regular. They are made from soft and smooth natural Napa Leather, available in black and white colors. On the inside, the sneakers are trimmed with elastic polyurethane skin. The sides are covered with ventilation holes, so that the feet could breathe, and the insoles have a spongy structure for greater convenience. The sole of the sneakers is made of a special rubber resistant to wear.

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With all this comfort for the user, Free Tie Leather Shoes is also a smart device that connects to a smartphone. Free Tie Leather Shoes connect via Bluetooth to Android and iOS smartphones via the proprietary Smart Home app. The shoes are equipped with LED backlight and a set of sensors to monitor the physical activity of the user. All information, such as steps taken, distance travelled or calories burned, will be available in the app.

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear
Smart Intel Curie Chipset

Minutes Smart Running Shoes

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