Car Video Recorder Front and Rear View Dash Cam

Did you know that one of the riskiest place for your vehicle is a parking lot? Scratches caused by neighbor’s disorderly behavior, bumps resulted from cars maneuvering in and out parking space, or even worse, deliberate vandalism. No one is insured from such incidents. Yet, may you have a camera in your car, so you can at least see what happened. Let’s review if this best selling Car Video Recorder Front and Rear View Dash Cam 1080P Dual Lens DVR Video Recorder is a good choice for your car and your safety.

This device comes with 4.0 inch IPS display screen. It’s wide and handy to use, as well as it playbacks recordings anywhere and anytime. Convenient function of the reversing camera switches to rear view, as soon as you maneuver your car to go on reverse. In general, this DVR has three-way cameras: FHD with 1080P, reverse and inside camera with 720P.

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Front and Rear View Dash Camera

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The gadget also comes with an adjustable lens, flexible for you to regulate and record whatever you like. The camera itself is equipped with low illumination and up to 170° wide angel lens made by 6 layers of A+ high transmittance glass. On the back side, the wideness of the angle is 140°, which is also quite good. Moreover, there is a night vision function available once the dawn falls.

Video Recorder for Car

The size of the DVR is rather compact with 108 mm in length and 78 cm in height. The product has a remarkable operating power, featuring great camera qualities described above, as well as necessary anti-collision porcelain protection. It is also easy to mount it to the front glass in your car and it will hold tightly even if you go on a bumpy ride.

And of course, the importance of buying this DVR lies in its balance between quality, functionality and price, which we found to be quite good. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe while on the road and consider this 4 Inch 1080P Dual Lens Car DVR, because it’s a good buy.

4 Inch 1080P Dual Lens Video Recorder for Car
Front and Rear View Dash Camera

DVR Video Recorder for Car Dash Camera

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