Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike New Xiaomi Smart Bicycle

Apart from many other devices, Xiaomi makes smart bicycles. Now, the company added another new product to the line-up. It’s called Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike packing many different smart functions. Here is brief review.

Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike

Built-in GPS allows tracking the location of the bike. Besides, the bicycle is connected to a smartphone with a proprietary app where users can track the location and activity data, like travelled distance, burned calories or average speed. It’s also possible to set a safety distance – once the bike gets too far away from the owner, a notification will be sent to a smartphone.

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The bike is powered by a built-in 2 600mAh battery. It can be charged even from a conventional power bank. According to company’s representatives, two hours of charging is enough for 15 days of functioning.

Xiaomi Smart Bicycle

As for the rest, it’s an ordinary mountain bike. It weighs 13.6 kg, uses wide 27.5-inch wheels and is equipped with an 11-speed transmission system, a Shimano hydraulic disc braking system and a hydraulic shock absorber system.

One of the main advantages of Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike is its price – only $299.

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