Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad for MacBook Aluminium Stand

As you know, in order to prevent a laptop from overheating, it’s recommended to use it on a flat, hard surface, preferably a table. Another tip is to use a stand – it lifts your laptop up contributing to better airflow and less damage. Thankfully, it’s easy to find a suitable accessory for this purpose. Today, we’re about to review one of the best stands – Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad Aluminium Stand for MacBook that will add elegance to your working place.

MacBook Aluminium Stand

Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad for MacBook
Aluminium Stand (Dock)

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This stand will fit any place whether it’s an office or a room at home. The stand is only 23cm in length and weighs 300g, so it’s very portable in case you have to spend some extra hours at work. The mentioned elegance comes from the material – the stand is made of shiny anodized aluminium. Plus, because the surface has been sandblasted, it’s soft to your hands and nice to touch.

Cooling Pad for MacBook

The stand does its simple job pretty well. It creates a perfect viewing angle for laptop users by lifting the device at 18 degrees. It’s not just comfortable for watching – it’s good for typing. That way, you can make your working place more ergonomic as the stand minimizes tension in neck, shoulders and back causing no discomfort whatsoever. The stand also eliminates the cable problem keeping your desk tidy.

Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad

Another big advantage is that this stand literally prolongs the service life of your laptop. By holding the device at an angle, it stimulates the airflow and stops overheating. Aluminium plays its role too – it has good thermal conductivity absorbing heat from a laptop. Besides, the laptop will always feel at home on this stand because it has soft anti-skid silicone pads which protect the laptop from scratching.

Lastly, the compatibility of this stand isn’t limited with laptops – you can always set a tablet or a phone there for watching videos or reading. In any case, this stand is an excellent accessory for your mobile devices.

Aluminium Cooling Pad for laptop

Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad for MacBook
Aluminium Stand (Dock)

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