Detachable Fidget Spinner Unique iPhone Back Cover

One of the most interesting traits of the mobile accessory market is how it adapts to trends. Once something becomes popular and fashionable, it reflects on the market and we get more accessories. For instance, many accessories are often styled to look old or, in other words, vintage. This retro trend isn’t the only example here. It doesn’t have to be a question of design. In fact, the accessory market even reacted to probably the biggest trend of 2017 – fidget spinners.

If you’ve ever been on the Internet in the last 6 months, you most certainly saw a whimsical toy that spins for quite a lot of time. The key to this “eternal spinning” lies in a ball-bearing located in the center of its construction. Because of that, the toy spins with a little effort from a person. Interestingly, fidget spinners became known as stress relievers – the spinning helps you concentrate on a particular activity and get rid of any stress.

Although fidget spinners had been invented in 1993, they had an immense popularity boom in 2017. Now, you can find pretty peculiar spinners online. As for the accessory market, the company GOATcase, which specializes in smartphone cases, collaborated with Twiddlestuff and came up with an absolutely unique accessory – GOATspinner.
We received a sample and present to you our review. It’s a really unique iPhone Back Cover with a detachable Fidget Spinner in one set.

Detachable Fidget Spinner Unique iPhone Back Cover

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Obviously, one question immediately springs to mind – how would you combine a phone case with a fidget spinner? The answer is simpler than you may think. But we’ll get to that.

Once you open the package box, you see three things: a case, a spinner and a seemingly strange rounded plastic thing as big as a coin. The latter is actually a “base” for the spinner. The whole principle of the GOATspinner is quite understandable – you wear the case on the phone, you attach the plastic circle on the back and fix the spinner onto it. That way, you can carry your phone with a fidget spinner together and spinner is detachable. But why would you need such a thing?

Unique iPhone Back Cover

There are two reasons and we’ve already mentioned both of them: the case and the spinner. If you’re familiar with GOATcase products, you have to know that its smartphone cases are good. The company makes cases specifically for iPhones, so even the GOATspinner is compatible only with iPhone 6/6s and 7/7Plus. But GOATcase phone cases aren’t just good – they are the thinnest cases in the world. With the thickness of only 0.33mm, the GOATskin case is as light as a feather. Because it’s so thin, it doesn’t make your phone heavy or bulky. You can simply put it in a pocket without noticing that your phone in actually in a case. Besides, it’s very soft and pleasant to hold in a hand.

Detachable Fidget Spinner Unique iPhone Back Cover front

At the same time, despite being almost non-existent, the case provides your smartphone with sufficient protection against scratches, hits and bumps. Basically, your iPhone is wrapped in weightless, almost invisible embrace while still being protected against different accidents, moisture or dust.

Detachable Fidget Spinner Unique iPhone Back Cover back

The second element of the GOATspinner is of course the spinner itself – a globally loved toy with anxiety-relieving capabilities. The spinner is detachable, so you can always have it your disposal – it will be on your iPhone at all times. Every time you feel too stressed or you need to spark a thought process, you can count on your GOATspinner. You don’t even have to detach the spinner from the phone – you can spin it right on the back of your iPhone. After fighting your stress with a spinner, just attach it on the back again and put it in a pocket. That way, you’ll always know where your spinner is.

The GOATspinner is certainly a one-of-a-kind product combining smartphone protection with a bit of fun. If you’re a fan of iPhones and fidget spinners, this is a must-have accessory for you.

For more information, visit the company’s official website where you can buy the GOATspinner and other products from GOATcase.

Fidget Spinner with Unique iPhone Back Cover

View and Buy it Now

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