Best Smart Security System for Home Alarm System Kit

On this website, we’ve already reviewed many smart home security devices, like cameras, IR beam sensors or alarm systems. Of course, a functional security system is extremely important for everybody.
That’s why it’s better to guard your house from all sides. For that, there is a one of the Best Smart Security Systems for Home – Digoo DG-Hosa Alarm System Kit. Here’s the review.

The Digoo DG-Hosa is a multi-functional set of smart-home devices that protect your premises from any intrusion. The set includes a lot of different gadgets. The most important part of this security system is of course the “host” – the main control panel which is basically a big thick tablet. It has a colour, touch-sensitive display and is installed in front of the house. That’s where you can adjust various settings and operate the whole system.

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Best Smart Security System for Home Alarm System Kit

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Apart from that, users get other devices: the Digoo PIR sensor (motion sensor with 120-degree detection angle and high sensitivity), the Digoo Door and Window alarm sensor (two magnetic sensors that trigger the alarm if they’re opened by other people) and the Digoo Easy-Guard remote controller (disarm the system with one button, click SOS in case of emergency). By the way, it’s possible to get even more Digoo for even better house security.

But what do all these gadgets do? The main principle is simple – if someone breaks into your house, the system will activate the loud alarm. But it’s more advanced than that. The system records a 20-second audio clip and sends it to you, so that you could be aware of what’s going on. The Digoo DG-Hosa supports dual mode: GSM and Wi-Fi. The first relies on mobile connection – it will warn you with a call or a message if anything suspicious happens in your house. The system will call the saved numbers in order. You can even programme the police number, so that they could be there fast to prevent the robbery.

Best Smart Security System for Home Alarm review

As for the Wi-Fi mode, it also sends you notification in emergencies. What’s more, you can disarm the system remotely if your friends are coming to visit. Via Wi-Fi, you can adjust all setting with the accompanying app. And if you have the Digoo Eye, you can have a quick look in your house using the same app.

All in all, the Digoo DG-Hosa comes with a user-friendly experience, simple installation and effective functioning. Keep your house safe with the Digoo DG-Hosa smart home alarm system.

9100-A Quad-Band GSM SMS Home Burglar Security Alarm System
Detector Sensor Kit / Remote Control

Home Alarm System Kit

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