Durable Women’s Wallet Phone Clutch

Wallets for phones are practical, because they keep your phone save and sound away from water, potential scratches and it’s easier to grab on it, if you carry it around in a big bag. What’s hard is to find the right phone wallet if you are a girl who likes pink things, but prefer to stay away from hello kitty kind of gadgets, to actually have people treat you seriously. Well, the product we are about to review here, could be just about perfect for you – Universal 5.5 Inch Durable Women’s Wallet Phone Clutch.

Wallet Phone Clutch

Universal 5.5 Inch Durable Women’s Wallet
Phone Clutch

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Firstly, it doesn’t only come in pink, but also in blue, black, purple, green and orange. Stylish and pretty, this wallet can be used to carry money, cards, pictures or other things you usually keep in your purse. What else makes it beautiful is the high heel adorn on the cover. 2-in-1 design also makes it suitable to use it as a single bag, so perfect for parties and evening events to match a cocktail dress. In addition, anti-theft strap makes sure that it will always be around your wrist.

Durable Womens Wallet
The clutch can fit a phone size up to 5,5 inch which is strapped on inside with an elastic band. It’s a reliable and convenient way to carry even a larger phone. Easy access to the mobile device makes this wallet a trustworthy daily accessory.

This durable wallet made out of good quality PU material, as well as well round edges make it comfortable to grab on, as well as it fits in your hand. Having the large capacity and multifunctional use, this Phone Clutch remains delicate and will make any girl look stylish and organized. And to all the guys out there, this could a great yet budget gift for any of the occasion to your girlfriend, mother or daughter.

Durable Womens Wallet review

Universal 5.5 Inch Durable Women’s Wallet
Phone Clutch

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Coose Your Color and Buy it Now

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