Best Selling Powerful Phone Xiaomi Mi 5X Phablet

Multiple researches say that you are much more satisfied with whatever you buy, once you have actually paid money for it. Same goes for smartphones. Even if you had some doubts before the purchase, for most of us the anxiety of the wrong choice or any doubts go down dramatically once we unwrap the box and try using the gadget for the first time. Well, if you don’t believe the statistics, maybe this review will help you decrease your worries of making a wrong choice when buying one of the best selling powerful 5.0-inch phones – Xiaomi Mi 5X Phablet Dual Rear Camera Phone.

In the light weight of 165g, there is system that runs on Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core (max to 2.0GHz) with 64GB of ROM and 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately, you cannot use that SD card as internal storage. You can take pictures and music on it, but you cannot install apps on it. Nevertheless, considering that if we take 53 gigs out of that 64GB that it comes with, it should be enough space for games and other utensils you may like.

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone

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Classic display side of 5.5 Inch with 1080*1920 pixels resolution, they make accent on different modes the phone can be put on: sunlight, night, reading, color temperature adjustment and standard. It also has a bunch of sensor support: light, gravity, e-Compass, gyro-sensor, hall sensor and, of course, the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone. You also have a IR blaster, so you can use the phone as remote control.
Dual Rear Camera Phone

The phone has a good front 5.0MP camera and at the back a dual 12MP+12MP rear camera that features two-tone flash. It also has an amazing sound when you listen to music with earphones, so if you are into music or use your phone while sporting, you will surely appreciate this device.

Xiaomi Mi 5X comes in Black, Gold and Rose Gold. It has a good battery, excellent camera and above average screen sensitivity. So, this phone will not let you down. You also have access to the theme store, so your gadget will be unique and looking different each time you feel like you need a change.

Xiaomi Mi 5X Dual Rear Camera
5.5-inch Phablet

Most Powerful 5 inch Smartphone

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