Anti-Theft Barrier Detector Infrared Beam Alarm Detector

If you watched some spy movie, like “Mission Impossible”, you probably saw a scene when the main character tries to steal valuable information from a secured vault guarded by laser beams. This technology is quite interesting – if you touch a beam, the alarm will immediately go off. What’s more, it’s possible to set up a similar security system in home conditions using special infrared (IR) beam sensors. Earlier, we wrote about 5 great devices on the market and now we’re about to review Anti-Theft Invisible Barrier Detector – Infrared Beam Alarm Detector.

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Anti-Theft Barrier Detector

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This IR beam detector is an excellent choice if you want more security around or inside your house or office. The set consists of a transmitter and a receiver which are installed on opposite sides of one another. The transmitter gives away 2 infrared beams to the receiver. Once someone or something crosses the beam, it sets off the alarm. Obviously, the sensors must be connected to the alarm system in order to activate the sound effect. Still, it’s a simple and effective way to scare off unwanted visitors from your premises.

Anti-Theft invisible Barrier Detector

This particular IR beam device does the job well. It’s more suited for working outdoors. In fact, the sensor is made of durable materials capable of working in severe weather conditions (-25°C – 60°C) and humidity (5% – 95%). By the way, the sensors are quite adaptive to weather – the chipset can automatically sense any changes and adjust transmission power.

Infrared Beam Alarm Detector

In addition, the sensors can cover big areas – the beams’ alertness distance reaches up to 100m. And most importantly, the device is precise and fault-tolerant – it doesn’t react to false alarms. For that, the device is equipped with the DSP chip, featuring a patented multi-dimensional real detection alarm technology, and Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification effectively minimizing errors.

100m IR Anti-Theft Invisible Barrier Detector
Infrared Beam Alarm Detector

Anti-Theft Barrier Detector review

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