Night Vision Camera for Home Security Outdoor Camera

For setting up a video surveillance system in the house, people often buy cameras – they are compact, functional and easy to install. Today, we’d like to tell you about a high-performance, affordable device from a famous brand –  Night Vision Camera Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Home Security Outdoor Smart Camera. Here’s the review.

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Infrared Security Camera

Xiaomi MiJia Night Vision Camera for Home
130° Infrared Security Dual Band WiFi Smart Camera

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Actually, Xiaomi Mijia 1080p might be one of the best solutions on the market. Although it’s pretty small, it packs everything you need in a security camera. First of all, it records video in a high quality – 1080p in 20fps. As a result, even the slightest details on the footage look well. The lens in the camera has a viewing angle of 130 degrees covering more area in the house and reducing blind zones. In fact, Xiaomi Mijia camera works well even at night thanks to infrared night vision – you can see everything clear as day. Night vision has a range of 10m, creates no light pollution and doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

Night Vision Camera for Home

The footage is recorded in 1-minute clips and saved on a 64GB microSD card – enough capacity for a significant amount of content. The clips can be later watched in the accompanying smartphone app, just like the live feed from the camera. The app also allows you to adjust certain settings, like frames per second, quality of the video. Also, the camera is dual-band WiFi. It works at high frequencies (2.4GHz/5.8GHz) providing faster wireless connections.

Moreover, Xiaomi Mijia doesn’t just record footage. The device can detect suspicious actions and movement and alert the user. Detection levels are adjustable. For example, you can choose several zones in room where detection sensitivity must be the highest. At the same, if you want to avoid false alarms, it’s better to lower the sensitivity in other parts of the room.

Night Vision Camera

Besides, the camera has a two-way talking feature. Equipped with an omni-directional microphone and a speaker, the camera allows people to have conversation from a distance. That way, you can talk to your family members to make sure that they’re okay while you’re away from home.

All in all, Xiaomi Mijia 1080p smart camera is probably the best in its price range because it records high-quality video, has a functional smartphone app and cares about the security of your loved ones.

Night Vision Smart Camera

Xiaomi MiJia Night Vision Camera for Home
130° Infrared Security Dual Band WiFi Smart Camera

View and Buy it Now with best price

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