Long Standby Ulefone Power 2 Powerful Budget Smartphone

Welcome to the world of cool smartphones which are not yet sold based solely on their names. Such category of phones have to actually feature quality inside, and remain good looking and affordable. Long standby time Ulefone Power 2 powerful budget smartphone is market’s early adapter of this kind. Running on a cool and fast Android 7.0, this phone will make you smile each time you use it, and let’s review why.

Battery is one of the most important attributes of a smartphone in 2017. And all of us want to make sure that it holds up long-long hours, if not days. With 6050Ah capacity, the battery in Ulefone Power 2 has tackled the latest generation of li-polymer electric cell, meaning a stable output and longer duration.

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For normal use, the battery will last you 100 hours at least. And, for those who are phone obsessed – do 2 days sound exciting? In addition, Pump Express 2.0, the 9V/2A fast charger, can pump up the battery to the maximum in prompt 2 hours. It also means that normal use charge will be done in just under 30 min.

4GB giant RAM will allow you to deal with a lot of applications without disappointments about the speed. At the same time, 64GB huge storage will let you picture a lot of special moments on daily base, because your life WILL only become better with this innovative, yet price-friendly device.

Long Standby time smartphone

With Icto-core 64-bit chipset MTK6750T at 1.5GHz clock speed, this smartphone will run most demanding apps and games. With 5.5-inch FHD, the display offers high color, making all your imager look crisp and vibrant. The camera offers fast auto-focus and quick shutter, likewise Ulefone Power 2 camera will capture exciting true-to-life with 16 MP resolution. And here are the news for all of those selfie lovers: phone has 13MP on the front camera. Your pretty self will now forever look great in all close-ups, as well as at a distance of a selfie-stick.

Ulefone smartphone is also a proud holder of a responsive and safe fingerprint scanner. Metal and 2.5D glass gives the phone a solid look, as well as holds well in a hand, especially with those curved chamfers designed for a comfy grip.

With fast network, high-quality voice call, Glonass Loyal Navigation and GPS this smartphone has all the good quality things. If you are not a type of person who needs a phone for flashing it around, but yet want to be in line with trends – Ulefone Power 2 is a good choice for you.

Ulefone Power 2 Android 7.0 Touch ID 5.5 Inch
Long Standby Time Powerful Budget Smartphone

Long Standby Ulefone Power 2

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