Functional Budget Mini PC TV Box for Desktop

Fast growing electronic market is coming up with more and more products for the PC TV boxes and it can get rather confusing which one you should choose for yourself. This review is to help understand better if this budget Desktop Functional Mini Computer K6A Cherry Trail Mini PC TV Box is a suitable product.

This mini PC TV box comes with already intact Windows 10 home, so you don’t need to worry and buy any additional software. Windows 10 OS is funky, because it features Cortana, the personal assistant or a digital agent which will help you get things done. K6A also has the ability to work on two screens and sync game’s display to any devices, so if you are a multi-tasker, it’s definitely a product to consider.

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Desktop Mini Computer

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In terms of internal set-up, the box features 2GB DDR3L memory chip as well as additional 32GB of flash based storage. Despite its average performing CPU with a maximum clock speed of 1,440.00 MHz, it benefits from 4 cores. This leads to very efficient multi-tasking, especially compared to other similarly priced devices. Indubitably, K6A Mini PC TV Box also supports WIFI with the 802.11 ab/g/n2.4Ghz parameters, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 connections.

Despite its petite size, at the back of the device you will find compactly placed all the needed slots: USB2.0*2, USB3.0*2, Audio out*1, Mic-i*1, LAN(1000MB)*1, HDMI Type A *1, Micro SD Slot*1 and DC-IN*1.

For the closing line, it’s important to say that Mini PC TV Box is handy and reasonably priced for the functions and features it holds. Obvious benefits are in its tiny size, efficiency as well as that it makes absolutely no noise when operating. On the opposite hand, WIFI doesn’t support ac11, but it shouldn’t be a worry to those who use wired LAN. All in all, this could be a satisfying purchase that will keep you happy for a good while.

K6A Cherry Trail Z8300 Windows 10
Mini PC TV Box Desktop Mini Computer

desktop Mini TV PC Box

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