Cenava – Best Selling Mini PC TV Box

How great is the world we live in? It’s so advanced and exciting with all the technology we have available around us. If, however, you want to pumper yourself with something smooth, fast and above average in terms of media and gaming experience – enjoy this review on best selling powerful desktop multimedia gadget Cenava Mini PC TV Box. And, it’s not only good for personal use, but would also suit your office.

Cenava Mini PC TV Box is a very powerful desktop multimedia gadget, which is much more than just a TV box. The box has a memory of 4GB DDR3, with 64GB ROM flash, so plenty of storage space. Being equipped with Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 CPU and Intel HD Graphics GPU, the box runs smoothly and allows you to download plenty of your favorite apps and caches for browsing.

With the high definition, as well as high-resolution of H.265 video code, videos play well even if you are running a low internet speed. This device connects quickly to WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 lets you pair up with mostly any other desired electronic devices. The comfortable experience continues with box’s already built-in Windows 10 system, as well as it supports multiple languages.

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The device itself is well built and is passively cooled which means it uses aluminum to cool down the CPU and GPU. It’s also very light, weighting just 190g. On the side of the Cenava Mini PC TV Box you will find: key switch, 3 2.0 USB buttons, 3.0 USB, charging port, micro USD interface, HDMI, Ethernet port and headphone jack. It’s amazing what they cram on these tiny boxes!

Dreamy body and delicate charm. Yes, it’s the first impression Cenava Mini PC TV Box makes on you, when you first hold it. Suitable for boys and girls, you can choose from a variety of different colors. And it’s low on energy consumption, but runs powerfully for daily tasks as well as super easy to set-up.

Cenava Mini PC TV Box
powerful desktop multimedia gadget

Desktop Mini PC TV Box

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