Very Cheap Stylish Phone Holder Car Smartphone Mount

Instead of buying GPS navigators, drivers often use smartphones and various mobile apps. And because holding a smartphone while driving is dangerous and actually illegal, it’s better to have special accessories in a car. Usually, these phone mount are attached to air vents or dashboards. And if you’d like something original, you’ll really like the next very cheap Stylish Phone Holder Car Smartphone Mount Bakeey Alt-6 Roadster Phone Mount. Here’s a further review.

It’s safe to say that this is an ideal accessory for drivers. Basically, Bakeey Alt-6 Roadster is a small model of car made for driver’s needs. The accessory is only 4.5cm wide and 15cm high – it doesn’t take much space on the dashboard but provides a reliable place for your phone.

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Car Smartphone Mount

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Bakkey Car Phone Holder has an interesting creative design that makes your car interior more lively. This little roadster is attached to the dashboard with an adhesive tape on its bottom. The suction is secure even if you’re driving on a bumpy road. Plus, the tape provides 360-degree rotation, so that you can adjust the viewing angle for seeing the phone clearly.

Stylish Phone Holder for Car

Apart from that, Bakeey Car Phone Holder is made of high-quality TPU which is also environmentally friendly, so it’s completely harmless and doesn’t have peculiar smell.

As for compatibility, this accessory works will all smartphones as long as they aren’t bigger than 6.5 inches. This obviously includes the majority of devices on the market: iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, and so on. The accessory was designed with attention to smartphones and their safety. For that, the roadster has an anti-skid rubber – it protects your phone from scratches and bumps ensuring total security. The phone is held tightly – it won’t fall down even while driving off-road.

Users can get Bakkey Car Phone Holder Smartphone Mount in three colours: black, white or yellow. And all these models will make all the time that you spend driving a bit more enjoyable.

Bakeey ALT-6 Roadster 360° Adjustable
Stylish Phone Holder Car Smartphone Mount

Stylish Phone Holder for Car review

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