Smart Home Video DoorBell WiFi DoorBell Camera

When someone comes at your door and rings the doorbell, you can’t really recognize the visitor unless you look through the peephole or open the door. But what if you could always be aware of who comes to your house? For that, you need a smart gadget and we’re about to review one of the best smart home security devices – Smart WiFi DoorBell Camera for Home Digoo SB-XYZ Wireless Video DoorBell.

This DWireless Video DoorBell smart home gadget is perfect if you’d like to add security to your house. Most importantly, it combines features of several devices in one compact package. First of all, Digoo SB-XYZ is a doorbell – people should press the button to ring it and you’ll be alerted of the guests’ arrival.

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Smart WiFi DoorBell Camera for Home

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But Digoo Wireless Video DoorBell is much more than just a doorbell. The main highlight is located right above the doorbell button – a 1MP CMOS wide-angle (130 degrees) sensor. Basically, it’s a camera that automatically starts recording HD video (10-second clip) every time someone presses the doorbell. The footage is later saved on a built-in 8GB ROM. The camera even has night vision, so it maintains HD quality in darkness.

Smart WiFi DoorBell Camera

The owner of this practical gadget can see through the camera’s eye using an accompanying smartphone app. It keeps record of every visitor, so you can watch every 10-seond clip from your smartphone. What’s more, the app allows you to communicate with the guests if you’re not at home. Digoo SB-XYZ is fitted with a speaker and two-way talking feature that you can use for telling a guest that you’re not at home at the moment.

Another advantage of Digoo Wireless Video DoorBell is its wireless design. In fact, you don’t need any wire connections to install the gadget at your home. Everything that you need for installation is included in the package, so you just need to follow simple instructions in the manual. And after that, you’ll have an extra eye to keep your house from unwanted guests.

Digoo Smart WiFi DoorBell Camera for Home
Wireless Video DoorBell

Home Video DoorBell

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1 Comment on Smart Home Video DoorBell WiFi DoorBell Camera

  1. Megan Davis // 09.08.2017 at 04:42 // Reply

    This is awesome. I always have this creepy feeling every time someone knocks at the door. I guess this works well.


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