Budget Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1 Tablet Transformer

This year has produced many exciting tablets, yet some of them stand out more than others, like Lenovo’s Yoga A12 device. And here is our review. This 12-inch model is neat and unique. Fold-back 2-in-1 android convertible tablet is a budget version of the Lenovo Yoga book. Lenovo A12 tablet is specially designed to gain its user more productivity. You can drag and drop, as well as switch between multiple or floating apps and media sources. With Lenovo transformable tablet you will be able to immediately use your favorite Android apps, yet the best feature is in its instant usability between devices. In other words, you can start a project on your phone remotely and go on with it uninterrupted once the tablet is within your reach.

The tablet is built well with an innovative watch-band 360-degree hinge, as well as quality magnesium and aluminum alloy. Above all, it is portable. It is thin and light with just 10,9 mm in thickness and 990 g in weight. Despite the handy size, the device holds 32 GB of internal storage and has USB-c port, TF card slot, Audio Jack, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Moreover, it comes in stylish Gunmetal Grey and Rose Gold colors.

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Lenovo Yoga Transformable Tablet

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Lenovo’s A12 is an exceptional media consumption device with 13 hours of continuous battery life. Dolby Atmos sound gives a feeling of a portable cinema and you can enjoy crisp colors on its 720×1280 screen. In addition, two speakers on the sides give you clear and loud sound.

Futuristic Halo Keyboard has a glass surface which brings out the comfort of full-size typing and it learns with you, helping you be more productive. For example, it provides feedback on auto-correction or word prediction with light vibrations. It’s a whole different and upgraded level to mobile typing. However, with the hi-tech keyboard qualities, comes a noticeable drawback: it’s not fitted for long-lasting meticulous writing work. Without the feeling of the buttons, you can’t just look at the screen while inputting texts, so the typing speed is rather decreased.

Lenovo Yoga A12 Transformable Tablet review

All in all, Lenovo Yoga A12 is a multi-use device that adapts to you. It is perfect for users who prefer a tablet for generic email work, but would use it much more for leisure purposes. The benefits of the setup and price aren’t hard to see, plus its stylish look will for sure have heads turning your way.

Lenovo Yoga A12 Android 6.0 12.2 Inch
Transformable Tablet

Transformable Tablet review review

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