Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk

People, who spend a lot of time in front of their laptops, always need maximum comfort and minimum damage for the back. That’s why the working place must be ergonomic. However, very often we don’t sit at the table – we use laptops while lying on the couch or on the bed. In these cases, the interaction with a laptop must be comfortable as well. For these purposes, there are great accessories, and we’re about to review one of the best –  Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk.

Laptop Adjustable Desk

Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk
Notebook Transformer Stand

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This portable adjustable laptop stand is basically a transformer that fits to the user’s needs. When folded, the stand doesn’t take much space and can be carried anywhere. When necessary, it can be unfolded. That’s when it becomes a multi-functional accessory. The legs can turned and adjusted at any angle and any available height with knobs (3 for each leg) providing 360-degree flexibility. That’s why this stand is so indispensable. Whether you’re sitting on a carpet or lying on the sofa, it’s easy to unfold this stand and turn any place into a working desk. Even if you’re actually sitting at the table, the stand can be quite useful. Besides, there is special place for a mouse.

Portable Table for Laptop review

What’s more, the stand is extremely durable and reliable. The combination of strong ABS plastic and aluminium alloy ensures a long-term service life no matter how often you unfold it.

Portable Table for Laptop

Also, the stand is actually very caring to laptops. It’s compatible with all devices up to 17 inches and it accommodates them well. There are 2 black baffles that stop a laptop from sliding. Plus, underneath the main panel, there is a cooling fan, 190mm in diameter. Its purpose is obvious – preventing the laptop from overheating. For that, the main panel is fitted with ventilation holes helping the laptop dissipate the heat in time.

Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk

Portable Table for Laptop Adjustable Desk
Notebook Transformer Stand

View and Buy it Now

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