Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Portable IP Security Camera

Video surveillance is extremely important for many reasons. The biggest one is, of course, safety. You can install cameras right outside your house, near a shop, in your office, at home, and so on. In all these cases, you’ll always be aware of the situation just by looking at a smartphone. But for all these purposes, you need a good camera. So, if you want to save some money and still buy a functional device, we suggest to check out waterproof portable Camera for Home – Guudgo GD-SC01 Indoor Outdoor IP Security Camera. Here’s our review.

Although the price might seem like a turn-off, this camera can do more than you think. First of all, it copes well with its main job – video surveillance. The camera provides a clear, high-quality footage at any time of the day. In fact, it’s equipped with infrared night vision with a 30m range, so video is more than visible even in darkness.

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Home Outdoor Security Camera

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Speaking of quality, GD-SC01 records video in HD (720p) with every detail clear on the screen of your mobile device. Yes, the camera comes with a mobile app that gives you access to the eyes of the camera. That way, you can monitor everything yourself. GD-SC01 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. The camera connects to all devices via Wi-Fi and it even has an external Wi-Fi antenna for outdoor use.

Portable IP Camera

In terms of its application, the camera is totally universal. You can easily install it indoors to watch over your kids, pets or the elderly. Obviously, it works outdoors as well. It even has IP66 waterproofness rating, which means that it can survive even the worst weather. The cable connectors are waterproof too, so the all cables are protected.

And if anything suspicious happens near the camera, a built-in motion sensor will detect it and an alert will be sent to your smartphone. That’s how this camera takes care of its owners. And that’s why it would be a loyal security guard for you, your family and property.

Guudgo 720P Waterproof IP Camera for Home
Indoor Outdoor Security Camera

Portable outdoor IP Camera

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