Best Selling Stereo Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds

Different people prefer different kinds of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Some enjoy large, over-ear models, some – neckband headphones, and some – in-ear earbuds. The latter is actually getting more and more popular. The biggest name here is Apple AirPods – they are functional, reliable but expensive. Therefore, if you like the idea of small and compact headphones with a lower price, you need to look at best selling options, such as Binai Stereo Invisible Bluetooth Sports Earbuds In-ear Earphones With Microphone which we’re about to review now.

The most interesting detail about these headphones is their styling. Earbuds are rounded that gives them quite a trendy look. The Ear-Pads are made of silicone, so they feel comfortable in your ears. Plus, both earbuds have an interesting shape for the perfect fit.

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Stereo Invisible Earbuds

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Although Binai V1T are a joy to look at, they do have other features. Of course, you can’t expect them to have a mind-blowing sound considering their price. Still, they perform pretty well in this department – 360-degree stereo sounds very impressive. In addition, because they are in-ear, you get good noise reduction. In fact, this system eliminates wind noise effectively. And the earbuds seamlessly connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds

Binai V1T can connect to two devices simultaneously, and if someone is calling you, the headphones will alert you of the incoming call. Also, the headphones have smart voice prompts – they warn the user about various things, like low battery of the headphones, successful connection, power on or off, and so on.

Another functional element of the Binai V1T headphones is the charging box. This accessory has two slots for the earbuds. When the charging is over, the LED indicators on both earbuds will light up. The case can charge the earbuds about 3 times, and then it has to be recharged via USB.

Binai Stereo Invisible Bluetooth Sports Earbuds
In-ear Earphones With Microphone

Stereo Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds

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