Best Heart Rate Monitor Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker

Having already reviewed multiple fitness trackers, we learned that it’s not very hard to find an affordable but functional device on the market. However, there is a gadget that can be truly named the ultimate fitness tracker – Xiaomi MiBand. The first version is still quite popular but for this review, we have the second generation of the Xiaomi fitness tracker – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker, and it’s one of the best heart rate monitor bracelets.

Xiaomi MiBand 2 came with a few changes, compared to the previous model. As you may remember, the first MiBand didn’t have a display – it had a detachable, rechargeable block, inserted into the silicone band. MiBand 2 became more advanced in this department. The block is still detachable but it has a small OLED display that shows time or other indicators, like the number of steps or heart rate. Plus, there is a button on the bottom side of the display.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 OLED Display Fitness Tracker
Heart Rate Monitor

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Best Offer Great Discount

The internals also got better. The new algorithm, responsible for tracking, is more precise. MiBand 2 has a military-grade ADI sensor, efficient accelerometers and an optical heart rate sensor. Besides, the support of 2-gen Bluetooth 4.0 ensures more reliable connection with a smartphone.

As for its functions, everything remained pretty much the same. It still can keep track of physical activity and heart rate, count calories, steps, distance, and monitor sleep quality. The pedometer became more accurate, just like the heart rate monitor. And of course, MiBand 2 has an accompanying app (compatible with iOS and Android devices) where all information is stored.

Best Fitness Tracker for Heart Rate

The Bluetooth smartphone connection is useful for notifications as well. With there is an incoming call or a text message comes, the tracker vibrates. When a notification comes from some app, like WhatsApp or Facebook, a double vibration occurs and the App icon is displayed. Like previous models, Mi Band 2 can unlock the smartphone via Bluetooth if both devices are within the operation range (around 5m).

Lastly, MiBand 2 is able to work in extreme temperature conditions – from +70 to -20°C. It has IP67 grade of protection against water and dust. And of course, we can’t about another advantage of the tracker – its battery time. From one charge, MiBand 2 can work for about 20 days.

For all these features, Xiaomi MiBand 2 might be one of the best budget fitness trackers on the market. We can’t wait for the third edition of MiBand which is supposed even more interesting.

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