Cheap Best Selling Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are quite popular for their practicality. Basically, it’s a compact device that you can wear in one ear for the whole day in order to talk on the phone without taking it out of the pocket. Of course, Bluetooth headsets aren’t that popular as wireless headphones but there are still some interesting options on the market. The one that we’re about to review know would be a great choice for young people, cheap but best selling Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset.

This universal mini Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset is technically a miniature headphone. The gadget weighs only 60g, so it’s as light as a feather. In addition, because it has a soft silicone ear pad, it doesn’t cause any discomfort for the user. In fact, you can wear it all day long and you won’t even feel it. For a more secure fit, there is an included ear hang – it’s attached to the headset and goes around an ear.

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Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

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Besides, the In-ear Handsfree Headset is more functional than you think. Its main purpose is, of course, having conversations on the phone. The built-in DSP audio processing system ensures high quality of connection and clear communication. In order to answer a call or hang up, you just have to press the button on the headset. In fact, the headset can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Stereo In-ear Handsfree headset reviewApart from that, the Stereo Bluetooth Headset isn’t bad at playing music. Yes, one earbud wouldn’t suite here, so it comes with a headphones line – a micro USB cable that has another earbud on another line. That way, you at least have a pair of headphones for enjoyable music experience.

As you may have understood, this Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset is recharged via micro USB with an included charging USB cable. Charging takes only about an hour and it gives the headset the standby time of 5 days. And that’s just one of many advantages of this Bluetooth headset. Not bad for a very cheap gadget.

Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

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