Solar Waterproof Wall Light Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Light

Many of us look for an item that will provide light for our backyards and homes, as well as that will protect them. It can be a hassle looking for a high quality security night lamp that is also offered for a reasonable price on the market. However, this Arilux Motion Sensor Outdoor LED light Solar Powered Waterproof Wall Lamp that we are reviewing is all that and more! Arilux wall night light has two different models.
AL-SL02 (LED q’ty 20pcs) and AL-SL03 (LED q’ty: 44 pcs). SL03 is slightly bigger and has more features.

To begin with, this solar light is made out of durable and long lasting materials. The Arilux has solid construction that is waterproof and holds out rain and other unforeseen weather conditions. This makes the LED lamp an ideal outdoor lighting for a garden, yard, garage, porch, patio, or driveway. As well as the 30*11,5*4,2cm and 17,3*11,6*4,2cm in dimensions which makes it quite easy to install.
LED lights comes with 300Lm for the version SL-02 and 680 Lm for SL-03.

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Solar Waterproof Wall Light

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Another outstanding feature, is the solar panel on the top. The solar panel absorbs sun rays throughout the day to provide with light in the darker times. This makes it very energy saving and highly efficient. To add to that, this solar lamp also comes with a 2200 mAh and 4400 mAh lithium battery that can be recharged fully in just 8 hours. The light itself goes a little dim, but as soon as it detects motion it turns on. Motion sensor range is up to 10 meters away. It has several different light modes: human body induction + micro bright / human body induction / always on. This offers a variety of how you want your yard to be lightened.

Solar Waterproof Wall Light review

Overall, we would recommend this solar LED Outdoor light. It is very handy and will provide simple, but protection for any yard, driveway and so on. It charges quickly, has a energy saving solar panel, and is very easy to install. The compact size makes it easy to fit just about anywhere!

Arilux Motion Sensor Outdoor LED light
Solar Powered Waterproof Security Wall Lamp

Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Light

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View AL-SL03 and Buy it Now

View AL-SL02 and Buy it Now

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