Portable LED Desktop Light Foldable Reading Lamp

Reading in bed, working at a computer table, or behind a computer require good lighting that will reduce the strain that is brought to the eyes. Often we want to find a compact lamp that we can move from place to place without a problem. We reviewed this Portable Night Light LED lamp for Desk Foldable Smart Reading Lamp which will easily solve that issue.

To start off with, this lamp is offered in a white color. Such color usually matches any interior and fits everyone and their liking. As well as that, it is approximately 18 x 4 x 2.8 cm in dimension which makes it quite compact. To add to all that, the lamp is extremely lightweight and foldable. This allows one to carry it around or travel with, since it is space saving and easy to carry and handle. Therefore, anywhere that you will need a lamp, you will have it on hand.

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Portable LED lamp for Desk Foldable Reading Lamp

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Especially since the lamp has a rechargeable built in lithium battery. The battery can be fully charged in just about 6 hours. It is quite easy to charge with a USB cable. This allows one to plug it into an outlet, a computer, or even a portable power bank if they are using it on the go. After being fully charged, the lamp can be used for about 3-5 hours continuously. Overall, the lamp itself has about 5000 hours of operating time. Best of all, this lamp emits a natural light that will not harm your eyes. The light is non flickering and is great for reading and doing work. The ABS material that it is made out of is durable and long lasting to provide you with light whenever is needed!
Portable LED lamp for Desk review

Overall, we would recommend this portable and adjustable lamp that can be used for many different reasons. It will provide with great lighting, that is not harmful and will protect the eyes. Other users of this lamp are very happy with the product and are leaving positive feedback. The price that it is offered for on the market is very reasonable!

Portable 16 LED Night Lamp for Desk
Rechargeable Adjustable Foldable Reading Lamp

Desk Foldable Reading Lamp

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