About Samsung Gear Fit 3

Apart from many other top-notch devices, Samsung has quite functional wearables. The Gear smartwatches and Gear Fit fitness trackers are pricy, but they offer excellent features for all active people. Now, a new member Gear Fit 3 is coming to the Samsung family. And here is a brief review.

According to PhoneArena, Samsung is really working on a new wearable device. Apparently, the gadget will come in a compact shape, protection from water and dust, and many customization opportunities.

Judging by the description of the future device, it sounds like it’s going to be a third-generation Gear Fit fitness tracker. This is confirmed by the presence of a built-in calorie tracker and an algorithm for tracking the weight of the user. There’s another thing that tells us about the upcoming release – certification documents, which contain plenty of information about the alleged novelty.

As a reminder, the second-generation Gear Fit was introduced in June 2016. The device received a 1.5-inch display, a built-in GPS-tracker, heart rate monitor and pedometer. Plus, it could be used for storing music for listening during training. Obviously, Gear Fit 3 will keep all these features, but let’s hope that it has something more interesting.

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