Stylish USB Stick Leather USB Flash Drive

Recently, we published an article about an all-connector flash drive equipped with USB-A, USB-C and micro USB. However, this accessory is yet to be released, so you may want to look at other options available on the market. One of them is quite exquisite and definitely worth our review – Stylish USB Stick Leather USB Flash Drive.

This is a portable leather USB flash drive. There are two main things about this accessory. The first one, as you may see from the name, is its looks. The flash drive has a very elegant leather design, so it really is one of the trendiest accessories on the market. The design has other advantages – there is a special metal ring for carrying the flash drive. Basically, it’s impossible to lose. Also, the connectors are covered with a layer of leather and secured with a clip, so you actually have to “open” it for using. At least, the connectors are safe from any damage.

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Leather USB Flash Drive

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The second highlight about this flash drive is its functionality. Of course, it has a USB interface for connecting it to PCs and laptops. It supports all operating systems and just stores the data.

Stylish USB Stick

But there’s another thing – the flash drive also has a micro USB connector and supports the OTG function, which means that it can be connected to smartphones and tablets. That way, you can easily and quickly transfer any files from the drive to a smartphone whenever needed. Don’t forget that the micro USB interface is presented mostly in Android devices, so the flash drive only works with Android.

So, if you like a good combination of style and functionality in your accessories, this flash drive is a perfect choice for you.

Stylish USB Stick Leather Mirco USB2.0
OTG USB Flash Drive 8/16/32GB

Stylish Leather USB Flash Drive

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