Smart Home Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System

We do many different things in order to achieve security in our homes or offices. There are various intercom systems with different features. Today, we have reviewed one of the best selling Smart Home Video Door Phone devices – 7 inch LCD Doorbell Intercom System.

To begin with, this intercom system is very easy to install with the adapter and cables that are included in the package. The ultra thin indoor unit design is premium style. The indoor monitor is 22.5 x 12.8 x 2.4cm in dimension with a 7 inch TFT LCD screen.

The LCD screen has a 800 X 480 resolution for a clear and sharp display. The indoor monitor will allow one to always know what is going on outside their door. It also has a hands free function and mute function. One can also adjust the volume, brightness and contrast.

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Smart Home Video Door Phone

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On the other hand, the outdoor unit has a rain shield and to add to that it is waterproof. This way it can be used and will work perfectly in any weather condition. It is also 16.8 x 11.2 x 6.6 cm in size and quite compact. The unit also has a 3.6 mm lens with a 92 degree viewing angle for a sharp image and even better, it has night vision. With this, one can attain a clear image even in the dark times of the day.

Smart Doorbell Intercom System

The keyboard allows to dial and the call button and microphone gives the opportunity to talk for 120 seconds. The loud speaker allows one to hear the person on the other line well, even with loud background noise. The outdoor unit also has an ID card reader, which can read up to 500 cards. To add to all of that, the wired unlock distance is 5-10 meters.

To say the least, this intercom system is very handy and will provide great security and protection of just about any building. It has many great features and best of all, offered for a great price on the market.

7inch LCD Smart Home Video Door Phone
Doorbell Intercom System RFID Keyfobs IR Camera

Smart home Doorbell system

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