IR Waterproof Camera Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

Security of our homes, offices, and businesses plays an important role in our daily lives. In order to achieve full protection, a high quality surveillance camera is needed. We have reviewed the IR waterproof night vision camera ESCAM Brick QD900 Wireless Outdoor IP Camera, which is high quality, has many wonderful features and is offered for a reasonable price on the market.

Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

ESCAM WIFI 1080P IR Waterproof Camera
Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

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To begin with, the camera has 1/2.5” megapixel progressive scan MT9P006 CMOS image sensor for high quality. The H.264 compression provides a high definition image at a faster rate. As well as that, the picture resolution can be as high as 1920 X 1080 with a 15 fps transmission for HD imaging. 3.6 mm wide dynamic lens with F1.8 aperture and 75.7 degree viewing angle captures more space in the field of view to not leave any important details behind.

IR Waterproof Camera

To add to all that, this camera can be used during the day or night. With it’s waterproof feature, one can install it outdoors without worry of any weather condition. 107mm x 68mm x 60mm dimensions makes the camera quite easy to install. The security camera also has a great noise reduction feature. When it is recording, hearing conversations and needed sounds will not be a problem. It also provides with a privacy masking feature in four different areas on the image. For full convenience, the camera can be connected to WIFI with 802.11b/g/n, and 150 Mbps speed and it also supports WEP,WPA,WPA2.

IR Waterproof Camera review

To add to that, this ESCAM camera has its own unique ID number and password. The ID number and password can be converted to a QR code. This will be very convenient when needing to long into the P2P mobile app software. In addition, using the cloud technology is another way one can view the camera image on any device.

Overall, this ESCAM Brick surveillance camera is a wonderful item for those who want to add extra security to their homes, offices, and other needed places. This camera is high quality, durable and has many great features to provide with extra protection.

Waterproof Camera Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

ESCAM WIFI 1080P IR Waterproof Camera
Wireless Outdoor IP Camera

View and Buy it Now

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