Fashionable Fitness Tracker Sports Smart Wristband

When we start doing some physical activities, like running, yoga or fitness, we like to see the progress and results. Thankfully, modern wearables can help with that. There are a lot of devices with fitness tracking features. Plus, some of them are quite cheap and popular, for example L38i Sport Smart Wristband. Today, we review this best selling fashionable fitness tracker.

L38i Health Monitoring Sports Smart Wristband isn’t really a unique device. Instead, it’s a combination of standard functions in a stylish package. Still, its capabilities and price might be interesting for people who just started their physical trainings. L38i looks quite ordinary – a stretched 1-inch OLED display shows time, date and heart rate.

The latter is actually a highlight of this tracker. It can measure heart rate in real time very accurately due to built-in AD and 3-axis acceleration motion sensor. As mentioned before, the heart rate is shown on the display at all times, so you’ll be aware of your health during any activity.

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Fashionable Fitness Tracker Sport Smart Wristband

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Other fitness functions are standard – the tracker counts steps, measures distance and calories, works as a stopwatch and controls sleep. Plus, there is an exercise time feature when you can see how much is left before the finish of a certain workout.

Obviously, all health and fitness information comes to a smartphone and can be seen in the app. Besides, the Bluetooth connection with a smartphone makes the tracker your personal notification master. Whenever you receive a call, a text or a message in Facebook, you get a buzz on your wrist.

All in all, L38iSports Smart Wristband definitely should in conversation if you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker. It’s a good starting device to get familiar with wearables before moving to more functional gadgets.

L38i Fitness Tracker Sport Smart Wristband
OLED Color Touch Screen Smart Watch

Fashionable Fitness Tracker

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  1. Hi, is it possible to buy the charging cable itself? I lost him. Or – does anyone know how the cable is connected?

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