Smart Home Cam Outdoor Wireless Security IP Camera

It is crucial to have a reliable security system to protect our homes and businesses. It will help you stay calm knowing that your close ones, personal belongings, or business are safe. This self contained Smart Home Cam Outdoor Wireless Security IP Camera that we reviewed has many features.

To begin with, this security camera is very easy to instal. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. To add to that, this IP security camera provides with 720P megapixel and 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. This will offer clear and sharp image and easy recognition of what is going on. The camera will provide with a clear image of anything located about 150 ft with obstacles, and up to 600 feet in an open area. The IR cut filter provides a clear picture even in the darker parts of the day. The 77 degree wide viewing angle captures a larger amount of space. The security camera also has a neat feature such as motion recognition. If it recognizes any motion it automatically sends an alert to your mobile device.

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Outdoor Wireless Security IP Camera

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Best of all, this security camera is equipped with an NVR a built in router system. With that being said, the information from the security camera can be easier viewed. You will no longer have to link the camera to any other router, wifi or device. Just plug in the power adapter and play! One can also view what is going on through an app or in Cloud just by typing in the camera’s ID. This camera can also be switched to 11 different languages, to be fit for just about anyone. It is also sold with different power plugs, that can be chosen when purchasing.

Outdoor Smart Home IP camera
To say the least, this surveillance camera is a great item on the market. It will provide with definite protection of any home, office, classroom, hotel or any other public place. It is durable, and has many wonderful features that are all offered for a quite reasonable price. The feedback from other users are also positive!

Self-Contained 720P 4CH Smart Home
Outdoor Wireless Security IP Camera

Smart Home IP Camera

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