First FitBit Smartwatch

If we talk about the most popular wearable brands, FitBit instantly springs to mind. The company is famous for its functional fitness trackers. However, FitBit never actually made a full-fledged smartwatch. There were a lot of rumours about this device but it never came to the release.

Nevertheless, according to the latest information, FitBit will enter the smartwatch market by the end of this year. Although FitBit put off the release several times, there are too many leaks and official details. Now, we learned more about the operating system of the upcoming smartwatch.

And here is brief review. According to James Park, CEO of FitBit, the smartwatch OS is based on developments of Pebble – the company acquired by FitBit last year. After the release of the smartwatch, FitBit will present SDK for developers which will simplify creating apps for the OS. The software will be ready even before the launch of the smartwatch.

Park added that the new SDK will allow making programmes compatible with Android and iOS. Unfortunately, FitBit didn’t specify the release date of the smartwatch. Stay tuned for more news about the FitBit smartwatch.

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